How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Release a Game

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I’ve been working on small games for quite awhile now, but I never thought they were good enough or interesting enough for me to actually release into the wild for other people to play. I felt they were either too small or too incomplete. Some of my goals last year were to make more open source contributions and actually complete one of the many games I’ve been working on.


As The Crow Flies initially wasn’t a game I was planning on releasing. I thought it was too small and not really interesting enough for the world and I was worried about licensing the art that I used. Although, after a bit of encouragement from a friend (wilkie) and getting the guts up to negotiate some payment for art I finally decided this would be the first game I released.

So, after a bit of cleanup and a lot of testing and fixing bugs it’s live and now ready to download. Hope you enjoy it.